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Cold Brewed Iced Teas Vs. Hot Brewed Iced Teas

When the summer comes around we take our passion of iced tea to another level. So what exactly is the difference between cold brewed iced teas and hot brewed iced teas? If you have not heard of these concepts before, do not worry as you’re not alone. Once you learn the difference between the two and the major benefits you’ll reap, there will really be only one type you will consider brewing in the future.

Hot brewed iced teas are created by steeping tea with hot water and putting it in the fridge for a few hours to cool before serving. On the other hand, cold brewed iced teas are made using cold water but we would suggest you to use water at room temperature and keep it to infuse overnight before straining the next morning and serving. Using this method you should use double the amount of tea that you will normally use to make your brew.

Cold brewed iced tea gives a more smooth and luscious taste. On the other hand a hot brewed iced tea will give a more bitter taste as the leaves are brewed in hot water for long. While hot brewed iced teas are quicker to make, we highly recommend you take the time to brew cold brewed iced teas as it is less acidic and easy on your palate and will allow you to enjoy more of the refreshing flavour.

So now you know the difference between cold brewed iced teas and hot brewed iced teas, it’s time to start brewing. Remember it’s better to use filtered water rather than tap water. The quality of the tea will also play a part in the flavour profile, so choose wisely. Click here to choose from our summer tea collection.


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