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Women's Day Blog Series - Avneet Mann

Do you remember reading Enid Blyton's, The Wishing Chair? It fueled the imagination of many young ones around the world. And do you know about the girls who transformed their childhood fascination into a real functional business?

Avneet Mann worked in multinational companies for eight years after completing her MBA in Marketing. That's when she decided to quit the promising corporate world and undertake something she really loved - something that would make her happy. She teamed up with her partner Vivita Relan to launch 'The Wishing Chair' in 2012.

Women’s Day Blog Series - Avneet Mann

Here's more about her in a nutshell:

1. Describe your journey in one word.

Avneet: A crazy roller-coaster.

2. What is the boldest thing you have ever done?

Avneet: Give up my career of 10 yrs in marketing to start The Wishing Chair.

3. 'The Wishing Chair' is inspired from the stories of Enid Blyton about a chair with wings that would take you to magical places. If you had a Wishing Chair, where do you wish it could fly to?

Avneet: To a deserted tropical island with an unlimited buffet of dessert and margaritas.

4. What’s your poison? Steeped Tea or Cooked Chai?  

Avneet: Steeped Tea.

5. What’s the ratio of men versus women in your team? Who brings better lunch at work? Men or women?

Avneet: Our team is 90% women and 10% men. Our cafe at the store - The Mad Teapot delivers the best lunch to our office since so many of us don't bring lunch!


More about Avneet and her venture:
The Wishing Chair is a lifestyle retail brand in the home accessories, decor and gifting space. They aim to impart a sense of wonder and happy nostalgia through their products. The products are quirky and playful, and are designed to speak the language of magic, whimsy, playfulness, dreamlike incredulity and feminine charm. 
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