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With achievements comes popularity, and so will the trolls.

Hello, How have you been and how are you today? Thought I'd scribble a few things after some serious introspection this morning (over a cup of Rose Oolong Tea, of course!) and a short discussion with my Team. With great humility let me state this: Tea Trunk is cautiously proud of what it has achieved in the past several months. All the concentrated efforts coming to fruition, the support from different quarters, the love from such unexpected places. The universe has been kind. Mostly. :) Yes, with success comes comes popularity, and so will the trolls. And recently this has become an increasingly nagging issue. At times, as much as you try to ignore, fact is one can't help be upset about this. :(   Your best of intentions being pooh-poohed or twisted into something else.The attempts to put you in a bad light. The bad humor. The age old question of, why me! Now I realize is the time to show some character, practice forgiveness. Everyone could use a little of forgiveness, isn't it? To not fall into the cycle of hate. Thank you, trolls, for the attention you shower on me, however misplaced your expectations are. I hope you too realize how thin the line is between hate and love. And it only takes an instant, if you pause and think. I would consider deleting troll messages with a vengeance in the past. It doesn't bother me today and we've decided to let the trolls be. We are not even condemning it. What does it tell about us if we are only accepting the flowers and not the brickbats. Let me repeat, hate is not on the agenda of Tea Trunk. It shouldn't be on yours either.   Regards, Snigdha Manchanda   P.S.:  Team TeaTrunk! Big big thanks to you. You guys are just more than wonderful. What would I do without you. *heart* *heart* :)         With achievements comes popularity, and so will the trolls.
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