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Why is Matcha a superfood?

We started looking for a superfood among teas and found our answer in Matcha, the traditional Japanese green tea. 

Often we hear about the latest diet that turns out to be nothing more than a fad. Yet there are some superfoods that stand the test time. So what exactly is a superfood?

A superfood is a nutrient- rich food that is extremely beneficial for your entire body and overall health. These foods enhance a well balanced diet, with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Salmon, Blueberries and Kale top the charts for Superfoods. In recent years, more exotic superfoods such as Quinoa and Chia seeds have gained popularity.

Some of these superfoods are not readily available in India or are imported at exorbitant prices. This does not make them feasible for the average household to consume. Another deterrent is that these foods are perceived as bland and not attractive to the Indian palate. We started looking for a superfood among teas and found our answer in Matcha, the traditional Japanese green tea. Matcha is a type of tea which is less processed than the usual green tea. This is due to the fact that the tea leaves are grown under shade,  which preserves their natural goodness. Matcha is also brewed in warm water instead of hot piping water, which maintains the health benefits.

It is important to remember that Matcha, just like any other superfood is not a miracle food, but enhances your existing health regime.

So what are the health benefits of Matcha? Just one teaspoon of this wonder tea is said to have more antioxidants than some of the best superfoods on the planet. It contains Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is a form of Catechin. This is associated with improved ageing, better metabolism and a healthier heart.

This delightful tea which originated in Japan also has approximately 5 times more chlorophyll than ordinary tea, which is known to improve skin complexion and prevent joint inflammation. Matcha also contains far less caffeine than coffee and keeps you energized over a longer sustained period, rather than a quick burst - making this our favourite reason to enjoy our daily cup of matcha.

Tea Trunk Matcha Green Tea. Tea Sommelier

If your first experience of Matcha is a pleasurable one, then you will simply love it. If you have not tried Matcha before, we have a ceremonial grade Matcha that is specifically chosen by our tea sommelier for the Indian palate. We’re already having fun making new blends with our matcha, which is sourced from the Nishio region, Aichi prefecture in Japan. Activated Charcoal Matcha is our new tea blend which is 100% vegan and uses activated charcoal derived from coconut shells. Browse our Matcha collection here.

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