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Tea Trunk's Green Tea Collection: A Symphony of Flavors

Tea Trunk presents an eclectic range of green teas, meticulously selected to offer distinct flavor profiles. From the fragrant Jasmine Green Tea to the robust Matcha, our collection caters to...

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Exploring Jasmine Green Tea

 A Symphony of Fragrance and Flavor: Exploring Jasmine Green Tea In the realm of teas, Jasmine Green Tea stands as a fragrant jewel, captivating tea enthusiasts with its exquisite aroma...

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Can teas help in balancing hormones?

Hormones are basically chemical signals that run our bodies’ functions. They control our reproductive systems, the level of the stress we feel and our metabolism. While it is normal for...

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Around the World in Eight Teas

Behind every cup of tea, there is a story, culture and ritual. Born in China, tea has traveled the globe over the centuries. Hence, it’s no surprise that even today tea...

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