New Launch ~ Camomile Tea

New Launch ~ Camomile Tea

I have always enjoyed the delicate charms of Camomile Tea.

After lining up unique flavors of green tea, black tea and oolong I was sure a caffeine free tea will make a soothing addition to our collection. The earth rejuvenates during the monsoons, everything is fresh and green and this translates into a certain calm for me.

At Tea Trunk I have always made it a point to craft teas in keeping with the season. I thoughtfully zeroed in on Camomile flowers.

After obsessing over the right size of flowers, I am so happy to announce the launch of the whole pure flowers as Camomile Flowers Herb Tea.

Plucked from the foothills of the Himalayas these pure whole flowers of Camomile minus caffeine, making it perfect for soothing sips at bedtime. The right cut or size of the flowers matter. Not only are the whole flowers easy to strain, they pack in more flavor.

Since it is really low on caffeine your little ones can also savour some of this delightful brew. This tea keeps me cosy on a rainy day in bed. Accompanied by a thoughtful book, of course! My favourite for the season, and paired perfectly with this tea was The Book of Nature by Ruskin Bond. Also a versatile tea, this can be had iced or as a smoothie, used in baking and cooking, and spruce up cocktails as well. We’ve selected a few recipes you need to try,

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Rs 350 for 50 grams of loose leaf tea

As an introductory offer - complimentary infuser with every order.

Free Shipping anywhere in India.

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