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Behind the Teas: A Journey

Behind the Teas: A Journey January is always a busy month. I feel it’s the universe’s way of making us atone for the lazy latter days of December. Not that we’re complaining. The Tea Trunk team has been gearing up for the year ahead- plans, calendar of events, marking new friends of tea, and most importantly, creating new tea blends. We launched the Saffron Kahwa in January and quickly returned to our drawing boards to conceptualize and start tasting new blends. Choosing new blends is a carefully thought-out process. Based on seasons, quality ingredients, your preferences, taste and health among other factors, new herbs, flowers, spices, seeds, and their complementing tea, a Tea Trunk blend is born. We only work with the finest teas and quality ingredients, proudly sourced from within India. Our taste team gets together for each round of tasting, sampling, and re-tasting and re-sampling. Finally a blend is locked in. A final order is confirmed and we wait impatiently for the teas in their spanking new tins with Trunky (he has the best role ever!) performing his various moves on our labels. I think the next one is going to be my favorite. We love putting this together each time, and hope you enjoy the taste of love when you sip one of our aromatic brews. Always brew two cups. Made with tender loving care, our teas taste best when shared. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to catch the latest on our upcoming tea blends.
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