Serenity Pause Box

₹ 950

We want you to take time out to celebrate yourself and indulge in some TLC with the magic of mindful pauses. In collaboration with the incredible Champaca, an independently-owned women-run bookstore and cafe, Tea Trunk brings you the Pause Box. Meant to bring you real moments of respite with our luscious teas, a captivating book or two, and a few collectibles. No quick-access products, no hustle-culture here. Just the joy of doing things that bring you peace and joy, done the old school way. 

What do you get ? 

Combining the love of Tea and books, our Serenity Pausebox contains author Nisha Susan’s debut title “The Women Who Forgot to Invent Facebook and Other Stories - a collection of stories of love, violence, and intimacy that the internet has brought to the lives of Indians over the last two decades. Tucked in with this great read is our botanicals pack of calming, soothing Lavender buds.  Just brew a cup of this tea and let the calm whisk you away to paradise. 

Box Contents 

-50g Lavender buds 

-The women who forgot to invent Facebook and other stories (Paperback)

- Sip. Pause. Read Bookmark 

-Champaca Colour-in Postcard

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