Matcha Green Tea

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Meet Matcha, the purest form of Green Tea with multiple health benefits.

Matcha is made from the finest tea leaves from Japan. Its vibrant green colour is a perfect tribute to its origins, as it is specially cultivated under shade-covers to increase the chlorophyll content. Hand-picked tea leaves are de-veined and ground to prepare a fine nutrient-rich powder which is used to prepare your brew. Drinking a single cup of Matcha is equivalent to consuming 10 cups of regular Green Tea. To learn more about this superfood, click here.

Tastes notes: grassy / vegetal / astringent.

Serving suggestions: Enjoy it Hot or Iced. Great for Baking, Smoothies and Lattes too. 

Health Benefits: 

🍵 More Antioxidants than Green Tea

👍 Boosts Metabolism & Improves Immunity

🧠Helps Concentration

🏃‍♂️Burns Calories 

🏋️‍♀️ Complements your fitness regime.

Brewing instructions: To 1g Matcha, add a little hot water. Whisk vigorously with a bamboo whisk, stirrer or milk frother until a thick paste is formed. Keep adding hot water in small amounts whisking with each addition (upto 150ml) until tea is frothy. Drink up! If you like a strong cup of Matcha, add one more teaspoon of Matcha into the mix.

Storage advice: Matcha should either be stored in the freezer, if you plan on not opening it for a while, or in the fridge, once it’s opened. In both cases, store in an air-tight container( like ours) away from light. Improper storage can affect the vibrancy, colour, and taste of Matcha.

Certified Organic Matcha with Lead content well within the limits prescribed by Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS).  

**Disclaimer:  Please note Matcha is high in caffeine and is best consumed in the first half of the day. Results may vary from person to person. For maximum health benefits, Matcha should be consumed in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise routine.  Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We wish you good health!

Customer Reviews

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Mathew Abraham
Absolutely best product

Awesome 👍

Diya Saini

I recently shifted to this brand; I love the variety they can offer under one roof. I need to explore more options they have on their tray.

Varun Scarfoot
The best matcha in India

Legit best matcha in India - I have tried at least 8 other brands and found none to be as close as Tea Trunk. I recently had the pleasure to taste 2 types of matcha from Uji, directly brought home by a friend who was visiting Japan. While uji matcha is still in a league of its own, Teatrunk matcha is a close second. Even a Japanese matcha drinker would accept it as authentic. :) There is no other in India that comes close to Tea Trunk. Thank you for getting us the best!

Sanju C
Only authentic macha in India

I really love this brand of matcha. I tried few brands but compared to other brands I feel this is the original. But price is too high.


My previous matcha purchase of 100 g that came in was not fresh quality. It appeared oxidized as the green colour was rather pale yellowish and the taste was low quality like the appearance and smell. It seemed more like culinary grade than the premium that I had ordered. My latest matcha order for 100g is fresh and the actual quality of how ceremonial grade matcha ought to be. It is unfortunate I wasted my last order amount on low grade matcha which also I had to consume without benefiting as I should.