Long Island Green Tea & Chilli Chai

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Long Island Green Tea:

Holiday in a teacup. This tropical green tea brings back memories of that vacation — that happy place. Brew some for the day dreamer in you.

Health Benefits: Mint is a natural cure for several digestive ailments. Sip on this tea when you’re feeling bloated or when you’ve eaten food of uncertain quality. Orange and mint is a classic combination to improve your mood and concentration. Excellent tea to carry to your workplace or cure the day dreamer in you!

Ingredients: Green Tea infused with refreshing Indian (desi) mint and earthy orange peels.

 Chilli Chai Black Tea:

Your favorite masala tea infused with a hint of red chilli flakes. Chai lovers approved. Here's a cuppa for the firebrand in you.

Ingredients: Assam Black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla and red chilli flakes.

Health Benefits: Really? You’re going to make us give you a reason to have chai! Grandma-approved, masala chai has several health benefits from the spices infused in it - when consumed in moderate quantities.



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