Festive Blooms Green Tea

100 gms Loose Leaf Tea | 50 Cups
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Celebrations call for special blends that elevate the good cheer all around. Our Festive Blooms Green Tea is a crafted sensory delight – a tea that looks as stunning as it tastes. The beautiful petals of Marigold, Rose, and Saffron add a burst of colour to your tea cup, while the aromatic spices liven up your senses. Brew some tea for your loved ones or share the festive spirit by gifting them a box. May every cup brim over with joy.

Perfect as the centerpiece for your Diwali high tea.

Taste notes are warm, bright with a hint of spices.

Pairs well with jalebi, motichoor ladoos or butter chakli/ murukku.

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  • 1. Can u please suggest me a Green Tea for slimming as well as helpful for achieving a healthy skin and hair. Also, how many cups should be consumed to achieve the targets?

    You can try our Rose Oolong Tea, also known as the 'Tea of Beauty', most effective for slimming and weight-loss. Oolong tea best-enjoyed post meals, so we recommend that you sip this tea in the afternoons or mid-evening. Regular exercise and a healthy diet should be the cornerstones of your weight-loss efforts. You can also try our Matcha Green Tea as well which will boost your metabolism and complement your weight loss diet.

  • 2. Please suggest a tea for diabetics. A tea that will help control blood sugar level.

    Green teas are know to help control blood sugar levels. You can try any one of our Green teas.

  • 3. Can I please have the origin of your festive blossoms green tea as all other green teas are from Darjeeling?

    Our Festive Blooms Green is also sourced from Darjeeling.

  • 4. Can you please let me know the origin of most of your green teas??

    Most of our teas are sourced from best of India’s tea gardens located in Darjeeling, Festive Blooms Green Tea is also sourced from there itself.