Exotic Teas Samplers

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Choose: 4 X 10gms Loose Tea Packs
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A delectable sampler pack loaded with flavour.

Available in 10gm packs, these tea samplers make 5-6 cups of tea each.

  1. Rose Oolong Tea  - With real buds and petals of the Rose flower, the Rose Oolong Tea is a luxurious, decadent and irresistible brew, also known as the “tea of beauty”
  2. Lavender White Tea - Lavender is a natural relaxant and relieves tension. Low in caffeine, this balmy, soothing blend which will help you drown out the noise.
  3. Chilli Chai Black Tea - Assam Black Tea infused with red chilli flakes and balanced with bits of vanilla pods.
  4. Apple Spice Black Tea - Cinnamon, star anise and clove, accented by hearty apple, orange and cherry is reminiscent of a rich, indulgent plum cake.


Please note:  Free Samples are not available with Tea Sampler Packs.


Ask a Question
  • 1. How do I prepare a cup of tea just for myself with a sampler? Should I boil it just like normal chai ?

    Each tea sampler makes up to 5 cups of tea. Start off by identifying the tea you are brewing.
    Oolong and Black teas require water to be boiled at 100°C and steeped for 3-5 mins.
    White teas require 80°C water temperature and need to be steeped for 2-3 mins.
    Add 1 tsp per 150 ml of water. We do not recommend boiling the teas, but pouring hot water on them instead.
    Steep for the required duration and enjoy!