Chocolate Earl Grey Tea - Refill Pack

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Isn’t everything better with chocolate! We re-created this classic favourite with cacao shells and aromatic bergamot, to combine the best of both worlds. Chocolate is one of the hardest flavours to infuse with tea. Hence we chose organic cacao shells which naturally flavour the tea (sourced from our friends at Mason & Co. Crafstmen of Chocolate.)

Health Benefits: Bergamot belongs to the citrus family and is a natural relaxant and relieves stress. Along with organic cacao shells, it is packed with antioxidants which reduces inflammation and boosts immunity. A guilt-free way to enjoy your chocolate.

Ingredients: Smoky black tea, Mason & Co. organic cacao shells and natural bergamot flavor.

Taste Notes: Robust and full-bodied black tea blend with hints of caramel.

Caffeine content: High

Origin of tea: India

Available as: 100g loose leaf, Refill pack

When to drink this tea? Perfect for tea breaks at work. Carry it to your workplace for daily sips, any time of the day. Even though this is a black tea we recommend you brew it without milk.

Storage advice: Store in the foil pouch in the tea tin or transfer to an airtight container, kept in cool dark place.

If storing in the refrigerator/ freezer, pack in small completely airtight packets or jars. Before use, wait for the tea to reach room temperature to prevent any condensation. Each packet should be used within a week after opening.


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Customer Reviews

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This tea has ruined all other teas for me

Collecting different kinds of tea/coffee became a hobby of mine during the lockdown. Everyday I would pick a random tea or coffee from my collection and enjoy it.

Curiosity drove me to buying this one but unfortunately it has led to consequences I never expected. Ever since I tried this tea, I can't seem to find myself interested in any other tea. All I drink is this. The teas and coffees in my house are just withering away on a shelf while I I indulge myself with this chocolate earl grey tea over and over again.

I am writing this review on my way to reordering. I request tea trunk to never ever stop producing this tea, because I don't know how I would survive that. For better or for worse, you've made me an addict.

Simply perfect !

The balance of this blend is exquisite. Not to strong on bergamot so it is refreshing and the cocoa shells adds warmth to make a great morning tea. Most of all the quality of the tea leaf is excellent.


Love this! Now I don't have to mix my own Earl Grey and cocoa, Tea Trunk does it for me. This is a perfect afternoon pick-me-up or after dinner treat, without being overpowering.