Chilli Chai Black Tea

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Your favorite masala tea infused with a hint of red chilli flakes. Chai lovers approved. Here's a cuppa for the firebrand in you.

Ingredients: Assam Black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla and red chilli flakes.

Health Benefits: Really? You’re going to make us give you a reason to have chai! Grandma-approved, masala chai has several health benefits from the spices infused in it - when consumed in moderate quantities.

Caffeine content: High

Origin of tea: Assam, India

Available as: 100g loose leaf / 15 tea bags / 50g loose leaf

Time/Purpose of use: Perfect to kickstart an active morning, this tea is also a favourite at any time during a rainy day.

Benefit of use: The perfect start to your day.

Taste notes: Taste notes are warm, spicy and bold.

Serving suggestion: Don’t believe the rumours. Chai is always served hot. Can be brewed with or without milk. Pairs well with Parle-G biscuits or piping hot samosas and chutney.

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  • 1. What are the health benefits of black teas?

    Black tea is helpful for blood circulation, bone and teeth health, it helps in preventing cancer and also prevents heart diseases, diabetes and boosts metabolism.

  • 2. How many cups of black tea is it safe to consume in a day?

    Due to the caffeine content in black teas, it is recommended to not go above 5 cups in a day.

  • 3. When is the best time to consume black teas?

    As the black teas are very high in caffeine as compared to green teas, it is best to have them in the mornings and afternoons or whenever you require a little pick me up.