Chilli Chai Black Tea - Refill Pack

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Your favorite masala tea infused with a hint of red chilli flakes.  Assam Black tea combines effortlessly with the warmth of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla and red chilli flakes. Even if you are a ‘masala chai’ regular, the distinctiveness in its taste will knock your socks off.
Kickstart your morning with our easy refill pack, containing 100g of loose leaf tea at a special price.. Here's a cuppa for the firebrand in you.

Taste notes are warm, spicy and bold.

Goes well with piping hot samosas.

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  • 1. Does the refill pack come in a loose pack of 100 gms, can we brew it without milk?

    Yes, our Refill Pack contains 100g loose leaf tea. Most of our teas taste best when consumed without milk and sugar.