Matcha Bamboo Whisk

₹ 1,250

Traditional way to brew a matcha is using a Bamboo Whisk. Also known as "chasen" the unique bamboo prongs help in dissolving the fine powder completely in hot water. Pair it with a ceramic bowl (available in Shiro white and Kuro black) for your own personal tea ceremony. Bamboo whisk is useful to prepare a smooth, frothy matcha with perfect consistency each time. Kanpai!

DIMENSION: 11 cms in height and 6 cms in width.


Ask a Question
  • For how long do I have to whisk the Matcha?

    Whisk until all the matcha powder is dissolved completely. This usually takes about 2-3 minutes. For best results, use a matcha bowl also available on our website.  

  • Does it break easily?

    It is made from natural bamboo material and can break under pressure. Please do not place it under any heavy or sharp objects.

  • How do I wash it after using?

    Rinse it with running tap water and wipe with a clean cloth. Do not use soap or cleaning liquid.  

  • Is it okay if I do not use a whisk for the Matcha tea? Is there any alternative?

    The whisk helps in mixing Matcha powder, water and air in to a nice frothy beverage. Alternatively, if you do not have a whisk, you could use a blender bottle (used to blend protein shakes) or regular water bottle. Add Matcha powder and hot water and shake well. However, the closest alternative to a whisk would be a milk frother which does a really good job of mixing the powder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bhagyashree Tambe

Best bamboo whisk and great packaging!!

Amazing quality.

I think anyone can blindly buy from teatrunk.

Handy li'l matcha whisk :)

What I love about this bamboo whisk, is that its perfect for a quick morning matcha fix, be it for my tea, smoothie bowl or dessert!

Megh Desai
A Matcha tea must

Milk frother won't do the job as beautifully as a bamboo whisk. I would recommend anyone interested in Matcha tea to buy a Chasen.
I am giving 3 stars as I wasn't happy with the product. My old bamboo whisk (Chasen) was pretty worn out after years of use so I decide to buy it from tea trunk. But if I compare the feel and quality of this with the one I had then I would prefer the later.

over a great product to start into the Matcha journey.

for a perfect cup of matcha tea

this little whisker does an excellent job in creating a perfect matcha tea

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