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Great tea

I have always wanted to try Hibiscus tea, and I had heard sooo many lovely things about Tea Trunk that I knew I needed to buy it. The tea was soooo good! Definitely worth it!

Spearmint Leaves
Deepali Shinde

Fresh, pleasing, calming effect.

Cacao Matcha Green Tea
Felicia Tshering
3 star for cacao flavour

Enjoying the cacao flavour

Chamomile Tea
Akshay krishna
Just as expected

Second time buying after trying a set of sample tea packs.. Love it

Hibiscus Green Tea
Aardra Ambili
Summer favourite 😻

love the colour and flavour
antioxidants are an added bonus

Plum + Roses Brew
Aardra Ambili
lovely tea with notes of plum

An evening favourite

Peppermint overpowering

The peppermint taste is overpowering and seems essencelike. Can hardly taste the orange

Matcha Green Tea
Vikas Temani
High quality matcha! Free of heavy metals

High quality matcha! Also it is free of lead. Lead is a problem in quality matcha.

Rose Petals
Shireen Hussain Gaur
Great quality

The quality is great. Highly fragrant and good quality tea. Happy with my purchase

Long Island Green Tea
Bindhu Harshitha

I really love how soothing and good it is for my body in this summer season, this is different than all the other green teas that is what hooked in me the 1st place. :)

Tea Cheers Bundle
Priyanka gond
Tea cheers bundle

These are healthy but not tasty. So it was a nice option to try

Very useful product !!! Must buy it

Very useful product !!! Must buy

Sleep Care Bundle
Vibha Vishwanath

The sleep bundle is the best thing I have come across. It's very soothing and you can feel the calming effect it has on you. Cheers!

Spiced Decadence

Lovely packaging and unique variety of tea. Chocolates were yum too

Mix & Match Teas
Anitha sampath

Its really nice. Every taste is unique......

Bowl is slightly small

I found the bowl (chawan) to be slightly small. While whisking too much would spill out for my liking, nevertheless the matcha tastes great and the chasen is exquisite.

Turmeric Green Tea
Poushali Mukherjee
Not a fan!

It could have been far better. It's not that I don't like turmeric tea, it's just I hated this particular blend.
I have bought 6 teas from TeaTrunk, and this particular one is terrible.

Hibiscus Petals
Poushali Mukherjee
Loved it !

I loved it so much! The colour is so pure. I have even brewed it two times and the same petals have left beautiful pigments behind. The taste is bit tangy, goes so well with wild honey. It's a favourite.
And thank you guys for the quality of the product.❣️

Long Island Green Tea
Poushali Mukherjee
Very Average Blend

The mint flavour is overpowering. I have not found any citrus note in my cup when the tea is ready. The name is misleading. And even as a mint tea it's more overwhelming than soothing. Little bit disappointed.

Matcha Green Tea
Fantastic Tea, Good Mood, Great Taste, Good Concentration, Different taste, helpful for busybees.
The best product, quality and packaging.

Excellent product, different taste, excellent quality, good packaging, i wanted to quit coffee, it really helps.

Amazing taste! Nice variety and flavours.

Rose Oolong Tea
Geeta darira
My favourite

It is best

It really works on my stress and helps me to relax. It also works well on removing excess hair on face. Best aroma and fresh tea. Its been my fourth pack. And I keep on continuing.

Rose Oolong Tea
Shruti Aggarwal

Very soothing

East or west jasmine tea is t