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Blue Pea Green Tea
Karthik Thatikonda

Good product

Perfect packaging. Perfect texture of butters and tastes awesome with added match goodness.

Perfect packaging. Perfect texture of butters and tastes awesome with added match goodness.
Would have been even great if the quantity was somewhat more.

Spearmint Green Tea

Extremely refreshing, I'm so delighted to make this choice. I'm not a tea person, this was my first experiment with tea and it came out really well and fulfilling. Thank you Tea Trunk! 😊

Hibiscus Iced Green Tea
Deeksha Parashar
Such a refreshing taste!

This Tea is amazing and honestly so so so refreshing! I made it once and trust me I can't stop💞💞

Contents are way too small!

Products look bigger in the picture but the actual quantity is so less that you can make the smoothie bowl only once or twice.
Should’ve mentioned the weight.
Very expensive compared to the quantity.


Amazing taste, hot AND cold

Use this in blends

i blend this with my regular tea/tisanes, and it just brings in a whole other dimension. I never get bored of it

Blue Pea Flowers
Good Products

Amazing fragrance and a truly unique product. Must buy

Chamomile Tea
Pavan Sharma
Refreshing tea

Really it is very ggd before sleep

Nine Teas Samplers
Sunita Sharma

Finally found a great taste for every mood. teas are awesome especially I liked all green teas . Must try it's really boost mood you can say the great mood booster. Highly recommended.

Tangy and Tasty

Beautiful colour and a refreshing sweetish tangy taste. Highly recommend it!

Exceed my expectations

The chamomile tea is so much better than any other brands I've tried before. Really happy with it!

Rose Oolong Tea
Poornima Shree

I had this tea and instantly got hooked. The flavour, aroma , texture wts not to love!!! really did aid weight-loss 😳

Very happy with this tea

I'm glad about this purchase. This tea gives me a sense of mental clarity which I don't get from coffee. I enjoy the light green tea flavor and I usually end up seeping it thrice in the morning itself.Love it!

Tulsi Leaves
Valmiki Srinivasulu
A wow product: Tulsi Leaves from Teatrunk

Tulsi Leaves:Excellent and trustworthy quality , timely delivery and value for money product.

Spearmint Green Tea
Pritha Pattnaik

Tea seems fine although found some useless twigs in between, I don't know why. Also Tea trunk forgot to send some samples like they do with every order.

Best teas I have tasted so far. I did not know a simple tea could become so much sophisticated. Marigold tea is my favorite. Definitely going to buy in future.

Hibiscus Green Tea
Mehul Patel
Excellent Tea !

Tried this for the first time & simply loved it.
Highly Recommend!!

Assorted Tea Collection
Basant Kaushal
It’s different than others

It was a quick delivery with good packaging, clear instructions to use tea bags,never tasted so many varieties & flavours,tea trunk has defined a new concept of enjoying teas, thanks for your great efforts.

Hibiscus Petals
sabeena Karnik
Refreshing !

A refreshing brew which is citrusy and energising. Loved it ! Also the butterfly pea flower tea is excellent.

Overall a nice experience which can be made even better

I love the teas you sell. And wanted to gift this experience to a friend who got married recently. While the purchase was a very smooth experience, however there wasn't an option to add the other person's id or phone no to whom the gift is going. Neither was there a confirmation to me - that I'll receive the code during the working days. Now since I had bought it on Saturday, I was scratching my head trying to figure out how it works, and dropped in a email to contact center. I got a reply. However, with our expectations of instant delivery to inbox I think this aspect can be handled a little better. :) Otherwise good job team.

Rose Petals
Sooothing and flavorful

I have been trying out a lot of herbal teas because my doctor has asked me to cut down my caffeine intake since last year.

I came across this tea and ordered it instantly and I can say that it has lived upto the much said 'Rosy-ness'😊

This is very aromatic and flavorful tea. I enjoyed it after I wrapped my work day and I could feel calmness coming to me with every sip. Even the rose fragnance helped me to lift up my mood.

While checking about the tea, I came to know that these petals can be used in desserts and cold brew so im really forward to try some interesting recipes.

The only feedback I would add is that a single packet was delivered in a very large box by Amazon. I would love to see if something can be done to reduce some wastage of packaging material.


Love the flavour.. strong and rich..

Lovely and relaxing


Lokhapriya R I really loved the flavor and tea is so soothing ! This tea will always remain my personal favorite
The packaging was splendid and I really loved the bronze box that is used for packing !