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Club Camellia: 

club camellia

- Your Camellia Credits will expire after 365 days.

- You require a minimum of 1500 Camellia Credits in your account in order to redeem them.

How to sign up for Club Camellia:

1. Visit

dash board club camellia


2. Login using your Facebook account, or alternately sign up by entering your name and email address.

club camellia


3. You are now a member of Club Camellia.

club camellia


4. You can view a summary of your Camellia Credits on your dashboard.

club camellia

5. Refer to the rules at any point in time.


6. If you are not already a member, you can opt to join our Club Camellia program at the time of purchasing any of our products, prior to checkout.

club camellia


How to earn Camellia Credits:

Once you are a member of Club Camellia, earn Camellia Credits automatically on every purchase. You can also refer a friend or write reviews for products on our website.


How to redeem Camellia Credits on your order:

1. Login to your account.

club camellia

2. You will see your existing Camellia Credits at the right of the page towards the bottom.

NOTE: If you have trouble viewing your Camellia Credits at this point, refresh your page or try logging in again.

club camellia

3. Click on the “Redeem” button to redeem the credits on your order.

4. Continue to check-out and enter the relevant payment details.

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