Activated Charcoal Matcha

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First time in India - Matcha is a superfood, combined with the detox properties of activated charcoal - you've got the perfect tea cleanse!

Our activated charcoal is derived from coconut shells. High grade quality of activated charcoal has no grit to it - which means it blends beautifully with our organic Japanese matcha powder. Together they make a smooth, balanced cup, rich in anti-oxidants and natural goodness. We never add any flavourings, colours or any additives to our tea blends. All natural and safe for consumption, our activated charcoal matcha tops the charts for your detox regime.

Choose: 30 gms Tea Powder | 30 Cups
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Origin of The Tea

Nishio region, Japan


Japanese Matcha Activated Charcoal

Taste Notes

It has a grassy, sweet, and umami taste that is filled with caffeine.

Storage Instructions

Matcha should either be stored in the freezer, if you plan on not opening it for a while, or in the fridge, once it’s opened. In both cases, store in an air-tight container away from light. Improper storage can affect the vibrancy, colour, and taste of Matcha.

How to brew?

To 1gm of Matcha, add 150ML of hot water

For best results, use water just before boiling point

Whisk vigorously with a stirrer or a milk frother until the tea is frothy

Drink up! if you like your Matcha stronger, add another 1gm of Matcha and repeat the process.

Why Drink This Tea

It boosts your rate of metabolism and helps in weight loss. Matcha tea is packed with antioxidants and this tea is known to improve focus & concentration and is packed with caffeine which provides a constant stream of energy.

Choose: 30 gms Tea Powder | 30 Cups

Product information

Certified Organic Matcha with Lead content well within the limits prescribed by Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS). **Disclaimer: Please note Matcha is high in caffeine and is best consumed in the first half of the day. Results may vary from person to person. For maximum health benefits, Matcha should be consumed in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise routine. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We wish you good health!


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Coco berry


Love it!!!

The tea was good and taste like matcha only. Expensive but I would still buy it again since it looks original.


Love Tea Trunk's Matcha.. the best

Nirmal Kurien Mathews

Love Tea Trunk's Matcha.. the best

best macha ,taste is also good .recmended

give 5 star