Flowers & Spice Tea Samplers

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Choose: 4 X 10gms Loose Tea Packs
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A sampler pack with refreshing floral teas and spicy Indian blended tea.

Available in small 10gm packs, these tea samplers make 5-6 cups of tea each.

1. Marigold Green Tea - Our bestseller! Green Tea infused with delicate marigold flowers and aromatic lemongrass.

2. Rose Oolong Tea - With real buds and petals of the Rose flower, the Rose Oolong Tea is a luxurious, decadent and irresistible brew, also known as the “tea of beauty”

3. Hibiscus Green Tea - Real Hibiscus flowers add a tropical twist to Green Tea, bringing out tangy and tart flavours that taste great both hot as well as iced.

4. Turmeric Green Tea - Inspired by an ayurvedic recipe for balancing your senses, Turmeric Green Tea is our favourite immunity booster. Rain or sunshine, sip this brew all year through.

Please note:  Free Samples are not available with Tea Sampler Packs.

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  • 1. Can you add milk to any of these?

    You can add a dash of milk to our Chilli Chai Black Tea. We do not recommend adding milk to any of the other teas.

  • 2. These tea samplers are loose leaf tea or tea bags?

    Our tea samplers contain 10g of loose leaf tea.