Refill Pack Tea Bundle

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100 Gms Loose Leaf Tea X 8 | 400 Cups
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We love the tins but understand that they can get a bit bulky for those carrying our teas back home of taking them as gifts.
Our refill bundle has 3 green teas, 2 black teas, 1 white tea, 1 oolong and 1 herbal tea. You've got everything you need.
Refill Tea Bundle includes the following:
  1. Saffron Kahwa Green Tea
  2. Hibiscus Green Tea
  3. Long Island Green Tea
  4. Chilli Chai Black Tea
  5. Apple Spice Black Tea
  6. Lavender White Tea
  7. Chamomile Herb Tea
Each pouch contains 100 gms of loose leaf tea. Please note this a set bundle and we are unable to customise it. However, you can order these refill pouches individually here and mix and match and make a combination of your choice.


Ask a Question
  • 1. What is oolong tea and what are it's benefits?

    Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea, made from the same plant as green tea and black tea. As opposed to green tea which is minimally oxidised, and black tea which is oxidised till it turns black, oolong is somewhere between the two and is only partially oxidised. This partial oxidation is responsible for oolong tea's colour and characteristic taste.   Oolong helps in weight loss by burning body fat and increasing metabolism. The combination of rose and oolong has great health benefits - it soothes your digestive system and is excellent for your skin.