You're Gifted. Matcha Gift Box

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Discover the Japanese secret of a healthy lifestyle with our origami-inspired Matcha gift box. Featuring 3 of our organic and ceremonial grade Matcha Green Teas.

Matcha Green Tea - The purest form of green tea with 10x its benefits, we've picked a variant that will appeal to the India palate - light, not bitter and full of the benefits that make Matcha a superfood.

Mint Matcha Green Tea - As fresh as it gets - we've infused Japanese matcha with organic mint to craft a tea with a distinctive taste and invigorating scent.  Tastes great iced.

Berry Matcha Green Tea - Matcha kissed with luscious strawberries and juicy mangoes. Easy on the palate, Berry matcha has natural sweetness from the fruits and does not contain any added sugar.

Our ceremonial grade Matcha is sourced from the Nishio region, Aichi prefecture. We’ve included brewing cards for each tea to help you whip up the perfect cup of Matcha every time.

Certified Organic Matcha with Lead content well within the limits prescribed by Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS).  

**Please note Matcha is high in caffeine and is best consumed in the first half of the day**

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  • 1. Does this Matcha box come with a whisk?

    No. This box only includes 3 Matcha jars. You can buy our Matcha Bamboo Whisk separately from our website.

  • 2. Can I pick which Matcha jars I want?

    No. This is a pre-set box that contains pure Matcha Green Tea, Mint Matcha Green Tea and Berry Matcha Green Tea. We allow customisation only for bulk orders.