Matcha Latte Premix + Matcha Hot Chocolate Swirl Sticks

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Meet your new Matcha fix! Introducing India’s first Matcha Latte Premix.

Making a Matcha Latte is now as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Put 2 scoops is a glass
  2. Add hot water
  3. Stir or shake and enjoy!

Power packed with the health benefits of Matcha and the creamy goodness of Almond Milk, come rain or shine, we’ve got the perfect drink to comfort you. Sourced from the Nishio Region, Aichi Prefecture, our authentic and organic ceremonial grade Matcha is grown and ground in Japan. 



No Added Sugar

100% Natural



Our swirl sticks are made from 100% chocolate, with cacao butter and NOT soy lecithin. Cacao beans are sourced locally from farmers in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and are high in antioxidants, calcium and known to be natural mood elevators. Our Japanese matcha is also high in antioxidants, and the two ingredients come together wonderfully to give a healthy twist to hot chocolate.

  • If you don’t prefer regular milk, you can use any plant-based or nut milk 
  • For a creamy vegan hot chocolate drink, use oat milk
  • Spice up your hot chocolate with cinnamon, sea salt or chilli 
  • You can also add caramel for some extra sweetness. 


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