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Bring out your inner beauty and glow with our floral and relaxing teas. Our all-new floral gift boxes are custom made and contain two 50g tins. Select your favorite floral teas and share the gift of good tea.

Delicate Marigold flowers combine with aromatic Lemongrass in this refreshing Green Tea brew. Perfect to improve digestion and compliment your detox regime.

With real buds and petals of the Rose flower, the Rose Oolong Tea is a luxurious, decadent and irresistible brew, also known as the “tea of beauty”.

Real Hibiscus flowers add a tropical twist to Green Tea, bringing out tangy and tart flavours that taste great both hot as well as iced.

Jasmine Green Tea is famous for its delicate flavour and sweet scent. Traditionally, jasmine buds are removed after infusing them with the tea. However, our blend includes the flower to give you a lingering taste of this legendary tea. Treat yourself to this ancient tea therapy from China.


Whole dried Blue Pea flowers lend a beautiful azure hue to this tea when steeped. Add a few drops of lemon and watch the deep blue turn into purple.

Aromatic lavender combines with white tea in this relaxing blend that's rich in antioxidants and low in caffeine. 


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  • 1. I want to send it as a present for a friend. Can you Include a note along with is ?

    Yes, we most definitely can, you can add your gift note while placing the order.

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