Calming & De-stressing

These blends are known to alleviate stress and reduce tension. Reboot your nervous system and unwind with a cup of calm.

1. Chamomile Herb Tea -Best known therapeutic cure for insomnia, Chamomile tea is our favourite bedtime brew. Fluff your pillows, it's been a long day.Being caffeine-free, this tea is great for soothing sips through the day or at bedtime. Known to calm your colds and cramps, this healing tea boosts your nervous system. 

2. Chamomile Mint Herb Tea- An invigorating, fragrant blend to see you through a tough day. The Indian mint (pudina) is a potent digestive, which makes this tea an ideal post-meal choice.

3. Chamomile Rose Herb Tea- This infusion is a balm for the nerves and the gut. Its soothing properties aid digestion and promote better sleep. Zero caffeine. Perfect any time of the day.

4. Jasmine Green Tea- Make way for the queen of teas! Jasmine Green Tea is famous for its delicate flavour and sweet scent. Treat yourself to this ancient tea therapy from China, loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Jasmine tea helps promote beautiful healthy skin, boosts the immune system and helps alleviate aches and pains. The fragrant aroma of the tea is known to reduce stress and induce calm.

5. Lavender White Tea- Calm in a cup, Lavender white tea is a sublime potion for stress-relief. Let this balmy, soothing blend help you brew away the blues. Lavender is a natural relaxant and relieves tension. It reboots your nervous system and helps you unwind and restore your energy levels. Low in caffeine, sip on this tea post dinner or just before bedtime. It’s also a mild cure for insomnia.

6. East Himalayan Pure Darjeeling Tea-  Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, with a unique muscatel flavour and gloriously rich colour, your tea experience is incomplete until you've tasted this "Champagne of Teas." Darjeeling tea is immensely calming and helps in relaxing the mind and body. An excellent companion to carry to your workplace or just for mindful relaxation.

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