Nine Teas Samplers

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Sample the unique blends of our best-selling tea, in miniature size. From Green tea to black tea to Oolong, we’ve got your tea taste buds covered in our Nine Tea Sampler pack.

Available in small 10gm packs, these tea samplers make 5-6 cups of tea each.

1. Marigold Green Tea - Our bestseller! Green Tea infused with delicate marigold flowers and aromatic lemongrass.

2. Rose Oolong Tea - With real buds and petals of the Rose flower, the Rose Oolong Tea is a luxurious, decadent and irresistible brew, also known as the “tea of beauty”

3. Chamomile Herb Tea - Containing pure whole flowers of Chamomile sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, our Chamomile tea is caffeine-free. Best had before bedtime.

4. Mango Mint Tea - Juicy chunks of mango combined with refreshing mint and green tea to create a tropical flavour perfect for the summer.

5. Masala chai Black Tea - our morning cup of chai just got an upgrade! We picked a robust Assam tea and infused it with the finest spices and earthy ginger to give you a comforting cup of chai every single time.

6. Apple Spice Black Tea - Cinnamon, star anise and clove, accented by hearty apple, orange and cherry is reminiscent of a rich, indulgent plum cake.

7. Hibiscus Green Tea - Real Hibiscus flowers add a tropical twist to Green Tea, bringing out tangy and tart flavours that taste great both hot as well as iced.

8. Spearmint Green Tea - Come rain or shine, mint is an all-weather tea. It aids digestion, relieves bloating and helps to detox and cleanse the body.

9. Saffron Kahwa Green Tea - Luxurious blend of saffron, rose, almonds and cardamom in this inspired recipe of Kashmiri Kahwa.

    Please note: Free Samples are not available with Tea Sampler Packs.

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    • 1. Are these herbal teas or are these regular tea had with milk?

      Our nine tea sampler packs are a mix of black, green and herbal teas. Most of our teas are best enjoyed plain, however, you can add a splash of milk to Chilli Chai and Masala Chai

    • 2. Is this loose tea leaves or tea bags?

      Each of our sampler pack contains 10gm loose leaf which can make up to 5-6 cups of tea, each.

    • 3. Which tea is good for weight loss?

      There is no herb, tea or pill that miraculously causes you to lose weight. Regular exercise and a healthy diet should be the cornerstones of your weight loss efforts. Matcha is a superfood and will boost your rate of metabolism. It is therefore highly recommended in a weight loss diet.

    • 4. Each pack makes 2 cups?

      Each individual tea sampler contains 10g of loose leaf tea which makes up t0 5 cups of tea. All you need is 2g of tea per cup.

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