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Marigold Green Tea

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Our tribute to the iconic marigold, a symbol of celebration and festive joy. Imagine a brew carefully braided with three equally enchanting flavors: Marigold, Lemongrass, and goodness of organic green tea. Popular as wedding favors, this would be tea equivalent of walking into the colorful Indian wedding and bonding with long lost friends.

Perfect to improve digestion and compliment your detox regime.

Taste notes are refreshing, balmy and floral.

Goes well with gulab Jamuns, Baklava, Rice crackers.

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  • 1: What is the health benefits of the marigold petals in the tea?

    As the marigold flower belongs to the family of the calendula flower, it is very rich in healing properties that makes it a great detox blend when consumed as a brew. It is also proven to be very effective in healing the body if a person is undergoing chemotherapy.

  • 2. Will Marigold Green Tea help me in losing weight?

    Yes, as the base tea for this blend is green tea and all green teas are very effective in boosting your metabolism and burning fat.

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