Cacao Matcha Green Tea

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When the purest form of green tea meets the purest form of chocolate, we get the delicious and ultimate superfood blend - Cacao Matcha.

Sourced from the Nishio region, Aichi prefecture, our authentic and organic ceremonial grade Matcha is grown and ground in Japan. Matcha is known to have 10 times the health benefits as compared to a cup of green tea.

Cacao, derived from Theobroma Cacao beans, which literally means “Food of the Gods”  is an excellent source of nutrients. A superfood rich in antioxidants, our cacao is raw, unprocessed and non-alkalised. It is known for its anti-aging properties and high magnesium content. Our cacao is sourced from our friends at Mason & Co, Craftsmen of Chocolate.

Power packed with the health benefits of matcha and goodness of cacao, together they make the ultimate energy booster. The strong grassy taste of matcha blends is balanced with the earthy notes of cacao.

Ingredients: Organic cacao, organic cane sugar (less than 10%) and Japanese matcha green tea.

Serving Suggestions: Drink it daily for uplifting energy and to boost your metabolism. Use in smoothies, lattes and breakfast bowls.

Storage advice: Matcha should either be stored in the freezer, if you plan on not opening it for a while, or in the fridge, once it’s opened. In both cases, store in an air-tight container( like ours) away from light. Improper storage can affect the vibrancy, colour, and taste of Matcha.

Certified Organic Matcha with Lead content well within the limits prescribed by Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS).  

**Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. For maximum health benefits, Matcha should be consumed in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise routine.  Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We wish you good health!


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  • 1. Does it come with the spoon?

    No, our individual Cacao Matcha jars do not come with spoons. You can create a custom kit to include the spoon on our Matcha Lovers Kit product page.

  • 2. Can we have it with Milk ? Cold or hot ??

    Cacao Matcha tastes great hot and iced. If you'd like to add milk, we would recommend almond milk. You can add it to your smoothie or whip up a great tasting matcha latte.

  • 3. Is it helpful to reduce weight same as original version of matcha?

    Yes. Cacao Matcha, similar to our Matcha Green Tea will boost your rate of metabolism and aid in your weight-loss efforts. However, regular exercise and a healthy diet should be the cornerstones of your weight-loss efforts.      

  • 4. What are the calories in this particular cacao matcha?

    All our teas have zero calories. 

  • 5. What is the taste like ? Is it bitter ?

    Our Cacao Matcha Green Tea has warm earthy taste notes with a sweet aftertaste.

Customer Reviews

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Ronica Singh
My Comfort Drink

Haven't had any matcha so comforting, the cacao flavour really adds an essence to the already nutty flavour I loved it warm and smooth. It's my everyday evening drink. As a crazy tea lover, I give Tea Trunk 100/100 for introducing such good flavours to their collection.

Not quite flavorful...

I've had matcha a couple times in NYC (Cha Cha Matcha - yum!) and the flavor is quite overpowering. I tried this with almond milk and all I tasted was the almond milk. I was hoping for an earthy flavor from the matcha but it didn't really add much to my drink (although I whisked the matcha and followed an online recipe).

Khushi Singh

Cacao Matcha Green Tea

Very good taste

very good taste and effective

Sameer Thakur
It's ok

I ordered this based on the reviews, but maybe I have that Indian tea taste developed,, so I didn't enjoy tastes like Indian Mehndi...also the caffeine is missing.