Rose Oolong Tea - Refill Pack

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Choose: 100 gms Loose Tea Refill Pack | 50 Cups
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What do you call a tea that burns body fat, soothes your digestive system, and is excellent for your skin? Well, in ancient Chinese medicine the Oolong was called "the tea of beauty." A blend of matured, semi-fermented oolong tea leaves along with real rose buds and petals. Brew your sublime potion of youth with our easy refill pack, containing 100g of loose leaf tea - luxurious, decadent, and simply irresistible.

Perfect for pampering yourself with at the end of a beauty treatment. But then again, this is a beauty treatment.

Taste notes are smooth, floral and mellow.

Goes well with light pastries, pancakes and crepes.

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  • 1. Will having this over ice render it to lose it's benefits?

    A refreshing glass of iced tea, if prepared well contains equally as many antioxidants as its hot counterpart. However, the health benefits are compromised in case of sweetened iced teas, due to the high sugar content.

  • 2. Are these tea bags or just powder?

    Our Rose Oolong Refill Pack contains 100g loose leaf tea.

Customer Reviews

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As usual excellent blend. Rose is not overpowering this delicious oolong but had a delicate smoothness


Absolutely in love with this tea.

a true beau-tea

It's the best thing ever. When I first ordered it, I wasn't a tea person and instantly regretted spending so much on tea but boy, when I tried it for the first time, I knew I hadn't made a mistake. I bought loose leaves, I'd recommend them over tea bags. They have just the most soothing feel and this great aroma that's not overpowering. It makes you feel light and relaxed. Personally, it has helped me with my anxiety A LOT. Whenever I want to feel good about myself, I make myself a cup of oolong rose tea and instantly feel amazing. Thank you tea trunk. Love it :)


Such a lovely smell and taste. Relaxing and not over powering. Loved the packaging and swift delivery.

Amazing Taste

Loved the packaging of the tea particularly. Rose Oolong is a must try for all green tea lovers - has an extremely soothing taste a refreshing aroma. Really loved my pick. Thank you Tea Trunk for making it super special :)