Summer Look-book

Summer Look-book

21 Mar 17  |  By Tiffany D'lima

We’re feeling the heat as we step into Summer 2017, and some good sunscreen, iced teas and light comfortable clothing seem like the only ways to beat it. Through this look-book, we bring to you the summer collections of some of our favorite brands.


Brighten up your surroundings by pairing these high-waisted trousers with a colorful top or accessories, or tone down the hues with a subtle pairing.

Make a statement with this bold-yet-comfortable off-shoulder dress. Complete the tropical vibe by sipping on some cooling Hibiscus Green Tea.

Light, comfortable and relaxed. Punch up your outfit with a bright pair of sunglasses and a hat.


Runaway Bicycle:

A fashion forecast of cool blues to refresh your mood this summer.

A light and feathery casual summer look to greet the sun. Don't forget to carry your sunscreen along.

Reflect the radiance of the sun, while staying stylish and comfortable all day.


The Pot Plant:

Cool and refreshing tones for a fashionable and chic look even in the heat.

Maxi dresses are probably the most comfortable and easy-to-wear pieces of clothing in a wardrobe. Perfect for a summer evening outing.


Bring back the school-girl pleats with this easy and light dress. Ideal for a lunch out with friends.

Tiffany D'lima

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