Guide to Tea and Chocolate Pairing

Guide to Tea and Chocolate Pairing

07 Jul 17  |  By Clarissa Patrick

Culinary pairings are natural, as if made for each other. Tea pairs well with many foods, but one of the most heavenly combinations for tea lovers who happen to be chocoholics is, of course, tea and chocolate. While we talk about tea and chocolate, do note that we do not mean chocolate flavoured tea! While chocolate in tea makes for quite an unpleasant brew that is bitter and can taste quite artificial, chocolate and tea makes for a superb combination!

While experimenting with different flavour pairings it is important to understand the science behind each of them. The key to each flavour pairing is to understand the complex notes behind them, the denseness, the earthiness and the sweetness are all important factors while deciding which tea pairs the best with each chocolate.

Take a small bite of the chocolate and follow it up with a sip of tea. Chocolate first and tea next - never the other way around.

The perfect tea and chocolate pairing is one where the flavours do not overpower each other but rather complement each other. Tea and chocolate engage in a gentle romance with each other. An easy way to figure out a good combination is by taking a small bite of chocolate and then following it up with a sip of tea, if the taste of the chocolate still lingers on your palate you can be assured that it is a good pairing.

To get the most out of your pairing, be picky about the quality of the tea and chocolate you choose. The cocoa butter from the cacao bean is what coats your tongue, capturing all those rich chocolaty flavours, so when you take a sip of tea, the taste of the chocolate enhances the taste of the tea, and vice versa. Look for chocolate without hydrogenated oils to get the best flavour.

As chocolate and tea come in different variants, it is important to pair the right ones together so that a complementary experience is created.

  • For those of us who love the flavour of dark chocolate, the tea that works the best with it is a strong black Assam. The strong and flavourful robustness of the brew goes very well with the woody, bitter-sweetness of the chocolate and makes for an exceptional pairing.
  • The smooth creaminess of milk chocolate is the best way to complement the muscatel flavour notes of Darjeeling tea and fans of milky white chocolate should try pairing the fresh, clean flavour of the chocolate with that of subtle white tea for a decadent experience.

Pairing chocolate with tea doesn't always have to include brewing tea. Chocolate bars infused with tea is also a great way to experience the same. You can experience the health benefits of both green tea and dark chocolate in one candy bar. The Saffron Kahwa with Belgian Dark Chocolate bar is a creation by our friends at Bean Therapy and Tea Trunk Saffron Kahwa tea is the blend they use in their ingredients. This World Chocolate Day treat yourself to this luxurious culinary experience here

Clarissa Patrick

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