7 Stories for International Women's Day

7 Stories for International Women's Day

01 Mar 17  |  By Tiffany D'Lima

This Women's Day, the world will be shouting out one message loud and clear. But are we really listening? Every year the International Women’s Day organisation sets a theme for the celebrations, and this year it is #BeBoldForChange. It is a call to forge a better, more inclusive, gender-equal working world. A call that should not be forgotten.

We’re not the ones to believe that gender equality means feminism. In fact, we promote a balanced worldview. And we believe some voices need to be amplified and celebrated much more than they currently are.

In this attempt, we have compiled a list of 7 women who are doing incredible work in their fields. We have come across so many stories, inspirational in their own way, and these 7 stories are just few of the many we'd like to talk about.

Over the course of the next week, we will feature the contributions of these bold women who have initiated change and paved a course for others to follow. There is so much more to these women beyond their professions, and through our interview questions we hope to capture a glimpse of their personalities.

Whether their journeys have been long and winding, or short and spontaneous, our stories will help you know them better through five fun questions.

Follow our blog this week, as we bring to you interesting facts about these women and their ventures.


Tiffany D'Lima

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