Marigold and Lemongrass Green Tea: Inspired from Indian Weddings

Marigold and Lemongrass Green Tea: Inspired from Indian Weddings

21 Nov 13  |  By Snigdha Manchanda

Indian weddings are incomplete without the iconic marigold flower. Its sacredness is symbolic with wedding rituals. In keeping with the theme, our limited edition Marigold and Lemongrass Tea is a gourmet tea blend inspired by the grandeur and colors of Indian Weddings.

The very revered marigold flower, is also known as "the herb of the sun". Green tea is everyone’s fast favorite because of the health benefits associated with it. The tea is cleverly crafted and curated blending soft yellow, orange petals along with dried lemongrass, to delight and uplift the senses. It get its golden glow from the bright yellow marigold and its lemony fragrance and flavor from dried lemongrass.
This makes it, the perfect tea for a bride to be! Some of the benefits of our very special “Limited Edition” Marigold & Lemongrass Green Tea include good digestion, anti-oxidants and eliminating toxins to help your body and mind feel energetic and fit. Just what a bride-to-be needs.

This weekend we are joining the first anniversary celebration of Marry Me- The Wedding Planners, the reigning doyennes of the wedding business. Our “Limited Edition” Marigold & Lemongrass Green Tea is on offer. The aroma of this tea will uplift even the most dreary heart. It is invigorating and fresh yet, delicate and calming. 

Snigdha Manchanda


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Your concept and flavors are so unique and ethnic; and can be connected with Indian culture, I not only love your tea, but the whole branding concept you have created at Tea Trunk.

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