Winners of Tea Day Giveaway 2011

24 Dec 11  |  By Snigdha Manchanda

December 15 is celebrated as International Tea Day and in honor of the humble cup, I hosted a Giveaway right here on Tea Trunk. Thank you all for participating and sharing with me your favorite brew.

With a cup of Vanilla Spiced Ceylon Tea for company, I browsed through all the 23 entries at leisure; overwhelmed by the sheer variety of teas mentioned there! Given my fixation with old world charm, I ditched the various digital randomizers and chose to write down each name on some re-cycled paper and plonked them in my cheerful red teapot.  I stirred them all with a silver teaspoon and there! I picked out four lucky winners. Drum roll please...

1) Lubna Karim, India

2) Cathy Kruger, South Africa

3) Lisa, USA

4) Amit Bhowmik, India

Congratulations winners! Hope the good news adds to your Christmas cheer. May I suggest you start thinking about the special occasion when you'll be brewing the delicate hand-crafted tea bags with single origin Darjeeling Tea.

Note: All winners will be contacted individually via email for your postal address. Shipping may take up to two weeks depending on your location. International shipping may take upto three weeks. Leave the operational stuff to me while I leave you to some day dreaming about Tea!

Best Wishes for a joyful Christmas! Image Courtesy: Glad Dog by Lizzy Clara

Snigdha Manchanda



Wow….waiting to taste…..thank u for picking me up…..

YAY super excited!!! :)

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