Tea Trunk Events: Chari-Tea Party

13 Oct 11  |  By Snigdha Manchanda

As the Tea Trunk pops open, you'll be tasting different types of Single Origin Ethical, Fair Trade Tea.

- Pick tasting notes

- Make your own tea bags

- Learn about different teas/infusions

- and nibble on food pairings as Tea Sommelier Snigdha Manchanda unlocks her Tea Trunk to raise funds for 'Joy of Giving'. Hop over to www.facebook.com/teatrunk.

Proceeds from this event will be presented to Rahee Foundation.

Rahee Foundation uses sports as a medium to address the issues of substance abuse and high dropout rates from schools. Rafique, who is the force behind Rahee regrets not having completed his studies as he personally faced the negative consequences of not being able to find proper employment and support his family. He hopes to motivate the youth in his community to not commit the same mistakes.

Share a cup of tea with Rafique and me as you delight in the Joy of Giving. Look out for Tea Trunk at the venue. Your humble contribution: Rs 500 RSVP: bombay.hub@unltdindia.org

Snigdha Manchanda


1 comment

Looove tea too :), always stock on rose bud, jasmine and Camolile teas.

Good to bump into your site and must say I ike all the images/illustrations used in your posts.
Do you make them (the illustrations) yourself?

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