Tea Trunk @ Pinterest

10 Oct 11  |  By Snigdha Manchanda


Pinterest to me today, is what Twitter was to me a year ago. Simply addictive!

Nowadays even when I'm reading my morning newspaper, passing by billboards on my way to work or even seeing a beautiful scene out of my window, I'm thinking, "This should go on Pinterest." I have been using Evernote to keep notes of all the interesting stuff I find on the web, but given the visual person I am, Pinterest works so much better! A visual diary of all things I love and a special one dedicated to my Tea Trunk.

I'd love some feedback on how you think my board's are shaping up. Also, if you have any great links where I can dig some more goodies for Tea Trunk, please do share with me. Will be happy to add/follow all you fellow tea lovers on Pinterest.

See you there!

Snigdha Manchanda



How do you make your blog site look this awesome. Email me if you want and share your wisdom. .

Pinterest is truly amazing. Happy to find you via byw.

i love your blog! i found you via byw. i also love tea… and am a Pinterest addict. I’ll let you know if i find anything on pinterest you could use…

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