5 Must-have Herbs for your tea cupboard

Herbal teas have been around for centuries. These infusions are actually considered to be Tisanes and not true teas as they do not come from the Camellia sinensis tea plant. Herbal teas were mainly known for their health benefits, rather than consumed as sipping teas. Here are 5 herbs which are must-haves for your tea cupboard.

  1. Peppermint is highly regarded as a herbal tea globally. It is known to be refreshing, cures bad breath, aids in weight loss and boosts the immune system.
  2. Chamomile is best known to have a relaxing and calming effect. It is usually consumed close to bedtime as it helps to induce sleep.
  3. Bay leaves are very aromatic. It is often used in Indian cooking to complement spices. It is said to optimize digestion and reduce inflammation.
  4. Lavender is similar to Chamomile in its ability to relieve stress and improve mood. Apart from herbal infusions, it is also widely used in aromatherapy.
  5. Lemongrass is commonly used in herbal teas to provide a refreshing lemon taste with its citrus flavour. It’s utilised as a culinary herb as well as a medicinal herb.

In our tea blends, you will find a combination of herbs, fruits and flowers infused with base teas such as black, green, Oolong and white to create blends that are healthy and flavourful. Some of these include Rose Oolong tea, Masala Chai, Chamomile herb tea and Lavender White tea. To browse through our list of artisanal teas, click here.

Mario Dsouza

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