Custom Blended Teas - A Tasteful Wedding Gift

Custom Blended Teas - A Tasteful Wedding Gift

11 May 16  |  By Snigdha Manchanda

Imagine this: You are sitting at a fancy wedding, eyeing every present, large and small, being handed to the happy couple. A tiny bead of sweat has begun trickling down your head from your worries about what those presents may be. You’re anxious about whether your gift is good enough (or if it’s identical to someone else’s. Oh no!)

But what if I said you didn’t have to be that worrisome? Imagine, instead, shaking the couple’s hand confidently after handing over an undoubtedly unique and tasteful gift. Now what if I said this scenario can be your reality? Tea Trunk’s got your back!

I give you our custom blended teas, complete with premium packaging, that can be hand-picked to fit your needs and preferences. Choose from our wide range of luxury teas or combine two or more flavours to put together a distinctive hamper. But that’s not all – you can put these specially selected teas in any tin, box or bag of your liking. You could even take a step further and customize the labels on the tea tins! Wouldn’t that be a fine sight when spilled out of our attractive wrapping paper?

Apart from using these custom teas for gifting, they can also be used as wedding giveaways and favours. You could contact us with details of your wedding theme and tone, and we could put our minds together to select or develop the perfect tea to fit the mood. With elegant packaging, these luxury teas form appreciable gifts that anyone will love.

So, if you have a wedding around the corner or have been invited to one recently, pop into our store and go through our gifting catalog here. We have tea hampers with scented candles, pre-chosen combinations of tea, pinewood gift boxes, shimmering golden tissue bags, glass jars, silk pouches and much more. My personal favourites are the little jute pouches, made to carry one tin of tea each!

Snigdha Manchanda

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